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“Sparky, naughty, sweet, hip, retro, gorgeous, cute and profound: I love The Adventures of Trixie and Dinkidoo!”
Erin Cressida Wilson, screenwriter for the film Secretary

Trixie and Dinkidoo is a creative and unique book which delighted me. I hope there will be some sequels!"
Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. Sex Worker turned Performance Artist and Sexologist

“I loved your adorable little book. What a glorious positive message for girls. Too many of us grow up with sexual and genital shame. Congratulations!”
Betty Dodson, Ph.D., author of Sex for One and Orgasms for Two

“A raucous celebration of discovering the joys of masturbation. I now fantasize about how every woman should have this book, Betty Dodson's Sex for One, and a trusty vibe on her bedside table. Oh how the planet would shake rattle and roll!”
Gina Rourke, owner of Nomia Boutique, Portland, ME